Portable Orchard at Pop Brixton

(uncommon) are working with Carl Turner Architects on this exciting community development of retail, cafe, events and work-spaces, all housed in modified shipping containers in Brixton. Our landscape remit is to provide urban greening, with food growing at its core, to every available space. The courtyard is home to the Portable Orchard, with soft and hard fruits planted in wheeled barrels so that the space can be configured to suit any event.

05Temporary-nursery-in-the-car-park-to-plant-the-Portable-Orchard_2.jpg 06Pop-Brixtons-courtyard-with-the-Portable-Orchard_2.jpg P1060084.JPG 1170338114728085796986883320432865873696131n.jpg img8650.jpg 08Enjoying-food-and-drinks.jpg blueberries.jpg