Chalcot Crescent

An ailing, but beloved, Acer in a tight back garden prompted the hunt for a new tree.  Now a garden grows on three levels in homage to a flying tree, Cornus controversa Variegata, lifted in by crane.  A garden designed in tune with the architecture built using the same methods & materials.

Primrose Hill 2012

chalcot-01.jpg chalcot-02.jpg chalcot-03.jpg chalcot-04.jpg chalcot-05.jpg chalcot-06.jpg chalcot-07.jpg chalcot-08.jpg chalcot-09.jpg chalcot-10.jpg chalcot-11.jpg chalcot-12.jpg chalcot-13.jpg chalcot-14.jpg chalcot-15.jpg chalcot-16.jpg chalcot-17.jpg chalcot-18.jpg chalcot-19.jpg chalcot-20.jpg