Our work with the Chinese brand Tayohya (and their inspirational founder Susan Pan), started  with the RIBA Shanghai Windows Project.  Tayohya wished to promote their 'Susan's Garden' Range and we devised a landscape that shoppers would enter as they came down the escalator to the store.  Never having worked with artificial flowers we were at first skeptical. But we were soon captivated by the possibilities for working with colour and exploring the meaning of 'artificial'. In fact, the flowers  take hours of meticulous work to create and this craftsmanship was evident as we were able to cut, bend and manipulate them as florists.  Birch trees (real) were painted to match the gradations of colours of the petals but this combination of real and fake objects provokes an instant 'garden smile' in the audience.

2014RIBAWindowsProjectShanghai-Xintiandi-Artificial-by-NaganJohnson-3-1.JPG 2014RIBAWindowsProjectShanghai-Xintiandi-Artificial-by-NaganJohnson-2.JPG nJ-RIBA-Windows-Tayohya-April-2014-04-small.jpg nJ-RIBA-Windows-Tayohya-April-2014-06-small.jpg nJ-RIBA-Windows-Tayohya-April-2014-08-small.jpg Susan-Pan-Deborah-Nagan.JPG nJ-RIBA-Windows-Tayohya-April-2014-05.jpg Tayohya-ARTIFICIAL-COLOURED-TREE.jpg