Banlieu at Art, Villes et Paysage

(uncommon) revel in working in difficult spaces - none more so than designing a floating garden on the Hortillonages in Amiens, N. France. This bucolic landscape of garden islands in the Seine is a paradise for local hunters and horticulturalists - but means nothing to the large North African & Senegalese immigrant population in the city. This garden represents the ‘Banlieue’, the segregated edge of the city and is upside down; dislocated from the water of the river it nevertheless grows exotic flowers which never quite meet the Seine, never quite belong.

An installation for ‘Art, Ville et Paysage Amiens’

Amiens, France, 2013-2015

Internal-View.jpg AMIBanlieueuncommon1306130688.jpg P6299930.jpg P6299884.jpg P6299857.jpg AMIBanlieueuncommon1306136129697.jpg