Lekk - a garden for Moroso

Lekk : a Wolof word meaning 'to eat/edible/tasty'

Agriculture in Senegal takes place on a small scale, family, and co-operative-run level. With urban land in short supply, gardens are small but highly productive. Although the planters look makeshift, created from city detritus, the production methods are specialised and include the use of biochar (an activated carbonsequestering charcoal to increase fertility), and genetically modified seed to increase yields. Planned, tended & marketed largely by women, these edible gardens provide a rich, varied and healthy source of produce and excess supplies are sent to market. The same entrepreneurial spirit and attention to detail drew Moroso to develop M’Afrique, a range of furniture in which Western furniture designers collaborated with Senegalese weavers who were able to showcase their skill and vibrant use of colour. String used in the manufacture of the M’Afrique range will be shipped from Senegal to London to form the backbone of the garden for Clerkenwell Design Week. The simple materials of the Senegalese vegetable gardens, tyres, block-work, plastic, will be carefully arranged to form our stylised garden at Clerkenwell Design Week as the backdrop to the display of selected items from the M’Afrique range.

A garden for Moroso during the Clerkenwell Design Week

London, 2015

Lekk-Garden-image.jpg Lekkplan.jpg Clerkenwell-Design-Week-2015-14wallpaper.jpg