Souvent Me Souvient

Once a residential plot, the homes here were destroyed by winter storms in 2010. The vacant space and the adjacent estuary edge and coastline are now 'Often Remembered', a restorative landscape and 'flood memorial' garden for the village community of Ste. Flavie. The design provides a new point of access to the beach, where visitors and locals can enjoy views from a winding deck out to the St Lawrence, or shelter in a 'petit cabane', the painted sheds. The project followed work at the Reford Gardens where we have previously created garden installations in sheds.  This time, a winding boardwalk (above high water line) links the six sheds, which provide shelter but also hold clues to the sites history. Two will have photographic exhibitions and others represent memory (messages in bottles) and bounty from the sea (driftwood). Wonderful pictures by Joan Sullivan, a local but world-renowned photographer, document the site during the storm and at our impromptu opening last summer. Joan's website 

Video and Photos on the Jardins de Metis festival website

Ste. Flavie, Quebec 2013-14


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