Leake Street Pocket Park

Along Lower Marsh was a graffiti-ridden urban gap site; rubbish-strewn and unloved. Two railway-quality ramps give access to the station and a view onto the London Eye. But this is also the way to Waterloo Station and marks the southern entry to Leake Street tunnel, in recent years the spot for world class graffiti artists. (uncommon) made proposals for the space with no backing, but these were taken up by Lambeth and submitted for Mayor’s Pocket Park funding. The neglected space will be used as part of Lower Marsh Market, which in recent years has become increasingly popular for its home-cooked foods.

Lower Marsh, Waterloo SE1 2013-15


IMG5587.JPG 4aSECTION.jpg flower-marshtext-03_2.jpg D7flowermarshuncommon.jpg 1aLOCATION-PLAN_3.jpg 2aPHOTO-BEFORE.jpg IMG5617.jpg 3aPLAN.jpg 5aPHOTO.jpg 6aPHOTO.jpg 7aPHOTO.jpg 8aPHOTO.jpg D9flowermarshuncommon.jpg D5flowermarshuncommon.jpg