Warwick Faculty of Arts Competition Win

The brief for the Faculty of Arts building at Warwick University included the wish from staff and students for gardens in which to study, relax, perform and wind-down. Our human need for contact with the natural environment as a place for refuge - in this case from the intellectual rigours of university study, has guided our thinking for the landscape at Warwick.  We have worked with FCBS in the initial competiton stages on a hard and soft landscape base that flows through the building. Hard landscapes have a simplicity of material and firmly link the building to its university neighbours, creating an academic thoroughfare for the exchange of ideas.  Soft landscape adds layers of richness - texture, scent, colour, seasonality - and increases the biodiversity from the current grass and trees.  Work is now ongoing.



Landscape-Pages-DRAFTPage2_4.jpg Landscape-Pages-DRAFTPage1_6.jpg