Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Solitaire is set to become an iconic retail destination for the Saudi capital. The scheme, for which Uncommon Land’s sister business Benoy is leading the architecture and interior design, is located in the nor the of the city and will break from the traditional Riyadhi shopping mall typology to provide a dynamic, open-air environment complete with retail streets, plazas, boutiques and an elevated roof garden.

Key design principles:

  • Sustainable cooling wind tower and water features maintain amenable temperatures throughout the site’s internal zones. These structures will move rather than chill the air, producing a sustainable alternative to standard, energy-intensive air conditioning. Enticing water features will create a calming look and feel, while also contributing to cooling with their fine mist.

  • Semi-covered lush greenery food court – shaping a drama of green space and a radical new landscape for the people of Riyadh.

  • Astute plant selections to maximise the green experience without compromising comfort or footfall, helping to ensure both the aesthetic and economic viability of the project

  • Unique blue fan palm, Bismarckia nobilis included as part of architectural planting scheme

  • Use of specific drought-tolerant plant species, such as acacia and frangipani, to help to reduce the overall irrigation load

  • An open-weave brickwork structure, combined with solid brickwork elements, allows for a constant flow of air through to the building’s basement levels.

Project Name
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
On site
Bin Dayel Group
Benoy, Delta Lighting, WME, Elementa Design