Al Suyoh Mall

Sharjah, UAE

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A family focused, community-led vibrant and contemporary shopping centre with both an outdoor and indoor landscape design that allows for the social gathering of families and children. The landscape aims to unify the different commercial functions and the varied programme; through a series of spaces and features that will make the visitor experience welcoming and comfortable.

To give continuity from exterior spaces into interior ones; the landscape provides a carpet where hardscape and planting have been weaved carefully to craft and optimise the space. A hard landscape carpet has been weaved to maximise planting and retain functionality and flexibility. As visitors arrive to the main drop-off they encounter a series of subtle water cascading features that disappear under the paving and make the arrival space welcoming.

Inside the mall, pocket spaces are provided for relaxation or where shoppers can take a break. Other spaces have been organised which provide opportunities for art installations and flexible spaces that can have kiosks through different times of the year. On the rooftop, a generous space for sport activities is provided. The area is screened by vegetation, shaded and designed to allow for sports such as basketball, tennis, ping pong and rock climbing.

Key design principles:

• Provide resilient thermal comfort solutions
• Use drought-tolerant and xerophytic plants, native and exotic desert planting for irrigation reduction
• Consider water usage with water feature design, making them adaptable as sculptures when water is not in use
• Contain and recirculate water within the water features
• Indoor pocket garden
• Pop-up spaces
• Roof terrace with multi-use sports courts and spaces

Project Name
Al Suyoh Mall
Sharjah, UAE
Sharjah Investment and Development Authority
Benoy + Nulty Lighting + Dezigntechnic