Budva-Bečići Promenade Phase 1

Budva, Montenegro

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The intent of the project is to enhance the current beach front promenade by creating a series of new public spaces; and enable good connectivity with the adjacent town centres and major transportation. The promenade is a linear public realm which is linked with spaces that provide a variety of activities along the sea front. This contemporary linear coastal promenade also enhances the identity of the town and provides a unique experience and journey for its users and visitors.

The design narrative was inspired from the local natural landscape of Montenegro, with the intent to drive tourism and visitation to the sea front area, while also providing social infrastructure in the means of passive recreation and beach front socialisation and relaxation opportunity.


  • Inspired by the dramatic coastline of Montenegro and morphology of the site.
  • A variety of programmes and activity along the length of the promenade.
  • Intuitive wayfinding and path arrangement adjacent to the beach, with considered perpendicular path networks which link the pedestrian with the hotels, and commercial boulevard behind the beach.
  • Enhancement of the human experience along the seafront by introducing a carefully paced sequence of activity nodes, each with a different character and use.
  • Connecting the old town with the seafront by enabling strong pedestrian connections between the two, increasing Bay-wide permeability.
  • A wave-inspired organic design enables the beach and seating areas to be enlarged to alleviate overcrowding during the busy summer months.
Project Name
Budva-Bečići Promenade Phase 1
Concept Masterplan
Budva, Montenegro
279,480 m²