New Toyota Complex

Zebbug, Malta

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The public realm of the New Toyota Complex in Zebbug is envisioned as a contemporary landscape that sits harmoniously in the urban setting of Zebbug. The site is conveniently located, being easily accessible from the town centre and the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Taking advantage of the connectivity, the landscape area will be fully open and accessible, resulting in a new public open space for all ages and backgrounds. The proximity to the main road enables good connectivity with the adjacent towns and the entire island.

The site will provide a new destination for residents and visitors, who will typically travel from the wider island. The goal is to create a beautiful and welcoming place that people will experience, enjoy, and want to return too.

Key design principles:

  • Develop a distinct contemporary landscape that takes inspiration from the history of the site

  • Landscape embedded with elements that promote well-being and create a strong connection with nature

  • Design a landscape which is harmonious with the neighbourhood and the wider island

  • An ecologically sound and diverse public realm that preserves local biodiversity and enhances the natural setting

  • A functional and flexible space that encourages social activities and promotes ease of access for visitors, tenants, and residents

  • A Unique, yet timeless and durable proposal that will withstand daily usage and demands

Project Name
New Toyota Complex
Mixed Use
Zebbug, Malta
Concept and Schematic Design complete
11150 m²