Newlands Park RIBA Stage 2

Luton, UK

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The landscape vision for the project is to create a landmark gateway development which focuses on creating a harmonious and visually striking environment that is prominent and inviting. Public art is a key attribute that will promote the gateway principle and provide opportunity for local creatives to be commissioned for the landmark art pieces.

The landscape design also incorporates other multi-functional solutions such as promoting health and wellbeing by connecting the project to the existing pedestrian and cycling network and transport access. This also caters to employees within the site who have the opportunity to utilise a variety of passive recreation and social infrastructure amenities. New Airport Way which runs adjacent to the south and west edges of the site has existing vegetation, which will be preserved and enhanced to create a mixed scrub woodland corridor which will enhance local biodiversity and create new habitat.


  • A performative and sustainable landscape with a cut/fill strategy and a multi-functional approach that enhances biodiversity.
  • Promote health and wellbeing by linking to the main pedestrian and cycling network and provide mobility opportunities.
  • Landmark gateway as a pleasant approach with public art seen from the main road.
  • Embrace level differences with natural retaining walls which will preserve local ecology.
  • Enhance the existing ecological corridor and introduce native species which will attract pollinators.
Project Name
Newlands Park RIBA Stage 2
Business Park
Luton, UK
Submitted for planning
136,950 m²