Tashkent New City

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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The project saw us developing a masterplan vision for a new capital city on a vast expanse of land of 20,000 hectares immediately east of the existing city of Tashkent. The site is located between the Chirchiq and Karasu rivers. The new city will include a new Airport City, Trade District, CBD, and Administrative District covering an area of 300 hectares.

The masterplan aims to also respond and leverage from its regional landscape including its rivers which will be a key city asset that will under pin other open space uses. As a result the site will be able to absorb and use the natural influences of the wider valley and contribute to the stabilisation and ecologies in the area, while also enhancing the livability of New Tashkent City.

Key design principles:

  • Tashkent New City will be a self-sufficient collection of communities that will revitalise the Old City to the west

  • The design will predominantly be a mix of new development and natural landscape which will compliment each other

  • The landscape strategy will leverage from its natural systems, including its rivers, woodlands, agriculture and green space

  • Natural systems will be key sites to locate programming for formal and informal recreation

  • The design will focus on resilience to climate change, with measures to address flooding and increase ecological corridors

  • Transport links which connect the old and new city will be reinforced with adjacent ecological corridors

  • Green space will drive the masterplan with increased and convenient access to parks for residents

Project Name
Tashkent New City
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
200,000,000 m2