Vye New Zayed

West Cairo, Egypt

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Vye New Zayed will be a vibrant development that will set a new benchmark for community and liveability in Cairo.

The landscape design proposes a series of interconnected, richly diverse and inviting green spaces that create delight and joy, promote a sense of community, increase health and wellbeing and provide opportunities for leisure and recreation for all ages.

The landscaping will sit within a wider scheme that prioritises green space, from private gardens to to semi-public green spaces for the residents and public parks for all who wish to visit.

Community amenities are the heart of each residential zone making it a place for all where residents can feel very much at home.

Key design principles:

  • Walkable and cycle-friendly neighbourhoods that minimise car trips within the development.

  • Tree planting to provide shade and a cooler environment for the residents along the whole site.

  • Character areas created through the use of bespoke materials and planting selections

  • Public outdoor spaces programme to suit the different ages and multiple user groups, accommodating an array of activity, including play areas, community gardens, and areas for markets and events.

  • Series of gateways to welcome and guide residents and visitors.

  • Crafted details and material selection according to local market

  • Varied and rich planting palette responsive to local climate conditions, including a large amount of native and draught tolerant species to help reduce overall irrigation requirements.

Project Name
Vye New Zayed
West Cairo, Egypt
500 ha
Benoy, WSP, Michael Grubb Studio, Homes Wood